[Cu-wireless] schedule speakers for our meetings---any volunteers?

David Young dyoung at ojctech.com
Thu Dec 5 01:09:17 CST 2002

I have more on my wireless to-do list than I will get done before 2004,
so I want to take some tasks off my list. An important task is to contact
some people to see if they will speak to our group about their work:

  Gus @ Alliance Communications: does microwave installs for broadcast
  and telecom.  Very nice guy. Probably can tell us authoritatively about
  propagation, choosing and installing antennas, building cables, etc.

  Jennifer Bernhardt: in UIUC EE department, studies "smart antennas"
  for WLAN and other applications.

  P.R. Kumar: in EE, studies routing and media access control

  Nitin Vaidya: also studies routing and media access control

  Prairienet: the local community network

  Anand Sarwate: friend of Peter and I, studies radio propagation and
  modulation. will be in town on the 21st or 28th.

  Stephane: IPv6, OSPF, BGP, etc.

  Dave: building a CD-ROM that boots a station in an ad hoc network
        (schedule that for early 2005)

We should ask someone to speak on cellular systems and 3G. Also, building
codes, especially as they concern antenna location, and protecting life
and property from electrical fire and lightning.

Possible venues: OJC, Urbana Free Library auditorium, back room of Green
Street Coffee House (???), IMC.


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