[Cu-wireless] yesterday's meeting

David Young dyoung at onthejob.net
Mon Feb 4 19:40:11 CST 2002


The gateway was running a stock NetBSD 1.5.2 kernel which does not support
the 802.11b-standard peer-to-peer mode that Peter and Mark's laptops use.
So Peter and Mark were not able to connect. I'm still not sure why your
laptop would not connect.

No one was able to connect after you left, because I did not get the
new kernel in place.  I have been distracted from building the new
kernel since early yesterday evening. I hope that I will get around to
installing it tonight.


On Mon, Feb 04, 2002 at 04:23:50PM -0800, Susan Potter wrote:
> Hi guys,
> Just wanted to ask if anyone yesterday was able to connect to the AP/gateway 
> yesterday after I left and if anyone had any ideas about why there were 
> problems yesterday?
> I've searched on google, but didn't come up with anything interesting yet.  
> I will search on google groups tomorrow.
> Su
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