[Cu-wireless] damn & damn!

Sascha Meinrath meinrath at students.uiuc.edu
Wed Feb 6 12:34:26 CST 2002

no one showed up for work today at my office so i am unable to leave to
see prof. kumar's lab.  i'd like to know how it went from those who did go
(if you're interested, here's what they planned to show us):

Hello again Sascha.

        We will be expecting you at 11:15 in the lobby of the CSL.  I plan
to have Prof Kumar, myself, and one other student working in Wireless
issues present for the discussions.  We will show you a small
demonstration of a closed loop feedback system driving a car around on a
track.  It is just a toy example that will grow to encompass many aspects
of wireless control over networks.  We will explain our vision of these
things and then open it up for discussions.

See you tomorrow,

Hope it was fun,


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