[Cu-wireless] summary of meeting @ Kumar's lab

David Young dyoung at onthejob.net
Wed Feb 6 13:13:45 CST 2002

Sorry you got hung up at work, Sascha.

Mark and I showed up. I think that Kumar may have been a little
disappointed that there were not more of us. It appears they'd taken a
little trouble to prepare for us, collecting all their testbed laptops
into one place. We spoke with two of Kumar's grad students, Scott and
Binita. Scott showed us a remote-control car that goes around a track
under feedback control. Not too applicable to our concerns.

Binita spoke about routing and media access, and answered many questions.
She told us about CDVS (sp?), a routing protocol they are working on,
and its variant, Adaptive CDVS. She told us the difference between
reactive and proactive routing, and the pros and cons of each. Also,
she told us about media access in 802.11b and about media access using
the Kumar lab's alternative, CEDEX (sp?).

I am curious about their routing protocol called STARA, which I read a
paper about, but that protocol pre-dates Binita's involvement with the
lab, and I could not find Kumar to talk to about it.

I made some sparse notes that will remind me enough to tell more about
these protocols at our meeting Sunday, if people are interested.

It sounds like their work is in such an experimental stage that we may
have a hard time making use of it. It's not clear to me whether we can
get hold of any of their software.

Binita was not able to tell us about antennas and such. I think that
they are mostly a software research lab.

Kumar seems excited by the idea of "anarchic networks," as he put it,
and getting out from under the telephone companies.


On Wed, Feb 06, 2002 at 12:34:26PM -0600, Sascha Meinrath wrote:
> no one showed up for work today at my office so i am unable to leave to
> see prof. kumar's lab.  i'd like to know how it went from those who did go
> (if you're interested, here's what they planned to show us):
> Hello again Sascha.
>         We will be expecting you at 11:15 in the lobby of the CSL.  I plan
> to have Prof Kumar, myself, and one other student working in Wireless
> issues present for the discussions.  We will show you a small
> demonstration of a closed loop feedback system driving a car around on a
> track.  It is just a toy example that will grow to encompass many aspects
> of wireless control over networks.  We will explain our vision of these
> things and then open it up for discussions.
> See you tomorrow,
> Scott
> Hope it was fun,
> --Sascha
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