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Greetings all,

First of all, I've been trying to send this message all evening from the OJC node (I'm enjoying some time at the Cinema cafe.)  However, my compose window keeps blanking itself out,  I don't know if this is due to the wireless connection, hushmail or Win98 (the last two are known to be a bit on the flaky side) This is about my fifth attempt to send this message; please forgive me if my tone is a bit frustrated.

Briefly, I think that we should keep unique names for each node, since that facilitates discussion about them.  If they're all called imcair, which ones are we talking about.  The whole point to giving a name to a node/computer/access point is to allow us humans to identify a unique and discrete device on the network.

Secondly, Sascha and Dave, I think that you just compromised the root password on the IMC access point in your mail to the list.  Oh well, if that was it, it wouldn't have stood up to Crack anyway.  At any rate, the password on imcair (the IMC access point, not the P2P node at OJC--see what I mean.) should be changed posthaste.

Finally, I was able to connect to the IMC AP from the Office, but just barely.  SNR at the Office bar is 15-17 dB, which my card rated as a "marginal connection."  Sometimes I lost the signal, which was annoying.  If you want to drink a pint and surf, bring your Pringles Can Antenna.

More later...

best regards,


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