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David Young dyoung at onthejob.net
Sun Feb 17 12:49:02 CST 2002

Maybe all our tests are whacked, but I think that we routinely get a
higher signal/noise ratio. I will review our numbers just as soon as I
have my notebook in front of me.

Possibly the Pringles can's insides are not "metallic," but they are
certainly conductive, as I have proven again and again to myself by
poking the electrodes of an ohm-meter through the plastic film. Maybe
the experimenter at turnpoint.net didn't realize that the aluminized
layer was not exposed.


On Sun, Feb 17, 2002 at 11:58:38AM -0600, Zachary C. Miller wrote:
> Looks like waveguides in fact are far superior to pringles cans. Time
> for us to give up our chip habit and take on a beef stew craving.
> http://www.turnpoint.net/wireless/has.html
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