[Cu-wireless] DWL-520 saga continues.

David Young dyoung at onthejob.net
Tue Feb 19 21:17:31 CST 2002

Another unself-consciously chatty update---I guess saying that makes it
self-consciously chatty:

On Sunday, it appeared that my DWL-520 was broken or, at least,
incompatible with every single computer in the office. And that after
it had worked for five precious minutes the previous evening, on my
office workstation!

But tonight I changed a wireless parameter on my workstation and the
DWL-520 works again. Hint: if you want to use a DWL-520 under Linux
or NetBSD, set the "port type" to 3.  But for a Lucent card, set the
"port type" to 1.

It is still a mystery to me why the 520's power light only lit on only
2 out of 5 computers I plugged it into. There was a vague warning about
bus voltages in a DWL-520 manual or installation guide. Could it be that
it is a 3.3 Volt-only PCI card, and three out of five PCI buses were 5
Volts? Any PCI-bus experts out there?

I refuse to confess in this e-mail to having bought a second DWL-520
from Best Buy to compare with the first. Don't even ask, I won't admit it.

In other news, I have, in effect, "patched" the wi driver on the OJC
node with some changes I derived from FreeBSD's wi driver. Sometimes
the old driver would get cranky. I hope that the new one will not.


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