[Cu-wireless] Champaign-Urbana Grassroots Wireless Internet Project

Susan Potter su_potter at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 3 09:25:20 CST 2002

Hi Sascha and other CU-wireless people,

Thanks for the info, I think I should be able to attend this Sunday, 1:30 at 
IMC.  I am no expert on wireless internet, however, but am very interested 
in learning about it.  I searched the web for more technical information on 
setting up wireless internet, but only really found superficial or business 
oriented articles/websites (and most of it was dealing with small 
devices/client side of things or WAP).  Does anyone know of a good 
technically focussed web resource on what you are doing(or book I can get 
from Folletts or B&N or somewhere)?  Or perhaps you have some documentation 
on what you have already done (perhaps asking a bit too much:)?

Of course I am familiar with most popular internet standards, but more 
interested in something with info on what you guys are doing right now so 
that I will not be a complete dunce or too behind for your guys.

>hi susan,
>yes, the wireless project is still up and running.  we've been testing out
>various antennas, siting various nodes, and building several routers for
>the prototype network.  currently, we meet every sunday at 1:30.  we had
>been meeting at my house, but will be meeting next sunday at the
>Urbana-Champaign IMC (located at 218 West Main Street in Urbana).  we are
>very close to finishing two routers, which will allow our first
>point-to-point wireless network.  hopefully at the january 6th meeting we
>will be testing these routers.
>if you'd like to get involved, feel free to come to our meeting, or send an
>e-mail with any questions.
>At 04:31 PM 12/28/2001 -0800, you wrote:
>>I was wondering if this project is still active?  Let me know how others
>>have set up their nodes of the wireless network?  Maybe I will have some
>>free time and my business - Bungii - would be willing to support my effort
>>Susan Potter,
>>Senior Software Consultant @ Bungii, L.L.C.
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>>@home: su_potter at hotmail.com
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Susan Potter/Senior Software Consultant
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