[Cu-wireless] Are we making things too hard on ourselves?

niteshad at whopper.de niteshad at whopper.de
Fri Jan 18 03:52:08 CST 2002

I was just thinking about our conversation at the last meeting regarding
ways to get cheap wireless routers, which ultimately terminated in the
decision to look into the University Auction in Springfield.  We decided that we
needed something with an 802.11b card, an RJ-45 Ethernet port and the ability
to do routing, well, isn't that exactly the definition of a Wireless Access
Point?  We can get 3Com WAPs for $120 on www.tigerdirect.com.  As a bonus,
these WAPS also have 3 100Base-T ports and a "WAN" Port for Cable/DSL.  If
we're going to be buying something, why not make it something that works
pretty much out of the box?  
Those who consider $120 too expensive should stop to consider that the
same money only buys two to three months worth of Cable or DSL.  As for raising
the ire of the local ISPs, we should point out that we might actually be
helping them in a way.  Most of the people who already want Cable modems or
DSL in Champaign-Urbana probably already have it.  However, there might still
be a reservoir of customers waiting for the price to drop just a bit.  By
aggregating our bandwidth demands, we are essentially allowing the ISPs to
reach a heretofore untapped user base who likes broadband internet access, but
finds the cost just a bit prohibitive.  All this without asking the ISPs to
change their pricing plans, number of staff, etc.  Just something ot think



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