[Cu-wireless] let's build the testbed!

David Young dyoung at ojctech.com
Tue Jul 16 17:34:36 CDT 2002

I need lots of help to set up the wireless testbed. Here is a laundry
list of things to do.

There are already two Dells at Zach's with radios and NetBSD installed. I
would like there to be two more.  They need radios and NetBSD installed,
and then they need the CU-Wireless Station Boot image installed. I have
two CDs ready for the NetBSD install and two containing the station boot
software. I have floppies to accompany them. Will someone volunteer to
work with me on this?

One Dell needs to be set up to bootstrap the first node on our network. It
needs to be attached to Zach's home network with ethernet and configured
to NAT 10/8. It also needs to answer DHCP requests and run OSPF. I have
all the config files ready for when it is time to install them.

The Dells at Zach's are without keyboards. There are two keyboards in
Zach's living room, but they have fat (AT) connectors instead of skinny
(PS/2) connectors. The Dells need the skinny connectors. I have only been
able to scrounge one adapter. We will need a second adapter and two more
keyboards, or we will need three more keyboards. Maybe we can scrounge
some from Maiko's & Sascha's stations?  From ISEN's station? Will someone
volunteer to scare up some keyboards?

I can bring one Dell from my office that is already set up, but I'd
prefer to call that test station #5 than #4 because a testbed of 5
stations will be even more versatile.

If someone can set us up a CVS repository, that will be good, because then
we can more easily sync up the stations as we debug them. Zach?  I can
give you a station boot CD with which to bootstrap the CVS repository.

If someone can be designing test setups, that will be good. We need to
test the mesh ("pod") part of our network (this will be a challenge,
I think), the point-to-point links (less challenging, but needs some
planning), and the customer interface.  For the point-to-point links,
I figure we can make use of the Pringles antennas Sascha is taking down
from his house.

There is really a lot to debug on the CD-ROM, so I would like to orient
people to how it is working so we can all have at it. A good first step
will be written documentation.  There is some in the archive of this
mailing list, there is some Zach will write, and there is some that I
have e-mailed to people who were curious about our architecture. I will
try to find the latter.  If someone else will bring the rest together
and put it on the Web, that would be swell.

Python and Bourne shell are my scripting languages of choice, so there
is lots of both on the CD-ROM. I will happily teach the basics of Python
at one meeting and Bourne shell at a second meeting.


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