[Cu-wireless] polish up the Web site, CU-Wireless was in the news

by way of Illustrious niteshad <niteshad at whopper.de> niteshad at whopper.de
Wed Jul 17 01:02:56 CDT 2002

Correction: it was the Monday edition of the _News-Gazette_.  I officially
volunteer to be the CU-wireless Web Czar (or a title substantially similar
to that one ;)  My first act as web czar will be to requisition the
documentation related to our network implementation from Zach.  

Originally, we had decided at the meetings to keep our initial group small
and focussed and only make our presence known once we had a "product" to
deliver to people.  Of course, being mentioned in the local paper probably
changes this stance.  We urgently need to discuss this matter.  

The reason that I say this is because the Chamapaign-Urbana Computer Users
Group (CUCUG, pronounced /koo' kug/) monthly meeting is _this_ Thursday
night.  Greg Kline of the _News-Gazette_ Circuits weekly section attends the
meetings, as do Mark Morenz and myself.  If we want the attention of Circuits,
that would be the way to get it.  If we don't want the attention just yet,
I'll keep quiet this meeting, but I have the feeling that we're now flying
in the radar, rather than under it, metaphorically speaking.  



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