[Cu-wireless] a new "radio contact"

David Young dyoung at ojctech.com
Sun Jun 9 17:03:30 CDT 2002

Today I met Pat and Darren, two ham radio operators. They were the "foxes"
in a radio fox hunt: they had "hidden" on the Urbana parking platform,
where they broadcast semi-regularly so that the "hunters" could track
them using their radio gear. They used a great big Yagi attached to a
142MHz radio. To make things difficult for the hunters, they would point
the antenna in different directions, change its orientation, etc.

I told them a little about our project, asked them some questions about
their antennas, and so on. They sounded pretty interested, said they
would love to help out, etc. They know ALL about antennas.

I got Darren's e-mail address.  Another good contact made!


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