[Cu-wireless] punching/drilling/sawing steel?

David Young dyoung at ojctech.com
Thu Jun 13 21:19:06 CDT 2002

I am enclosing a computer in an inexpensive steel Army-surplus ammo can.
To put power and data in, and get radio frequency out, I need to put
some holes into it. I have some questions about how that is done.

I am putting two bulkhead connectors through the side of the can. In
cross-section, each bulkhead connector is a circle with one or two flat
sides, so that when you put it through a hole with the same shape, it
will not turn inside the hole. That is useful to me because the bulkhead
connector will be easier to tighten down, and it will not tend to come
loose as I fasten and unfasten connectors.

Does anyone know how a hole with one or more flat sides can be put into
3/64" steel?

(I think a factory would use a purpose-made punch, but that would be

BTW, if I cannot put in holes with flat sides, no biggie, I will put in
perfectly circular holes using my dad's drill press.


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