[Cu-wireless] punching/drilling/sawing steel?

Mike Lehman rebelmike at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 13 21:48:51 CDT 2002

You are right. They use a special punch and a big machine to put the
hole in the metal with it for the flat-sided holes. You'll either have
to drill multiple holes using a much smaller hole and then file it to
proper shape (a real pain in the butt, I bet) or you'll just have to
settle for the round hole.
Mike Lehman

David Young wrote:

> Does anyone know how a hole with one or more flat sides can be put into
> 3/64" steel?
> (I think a factory would use a purpose-made punch, but that would be
> expensive!)
> BTW, if I cannot put in holes with flat sides, no biggie, I will put in
> perfectly circular holes using my dad's drill press.

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