[Cu-wireless] Re: Cu-wireless digest, Vol 1 #158 - 2 msgs

Peter Folk pfolk at uni.uiuc.edu
Thu Jun 27 07:44:37 CDT 2002

Stephan wrote:
> Now, regarding your DHCP question: DHCP (or BOOTP) requests are sent to
> broadcast addresses (since the client doesn't even know it's own IP
> address, there's no reason to believe it's going to know the IP address
> of the server it's requesting its IP address from).

For the record, at least one OS (Windows 98SE), in some situations,
doesn't send its DHCP packets to the broadcast address =P  I have
the ongoing problem with my laptop that, if it fails to get a lease
the first time it tries, Windows gives it one of its funky pseudo-
random Windows IPs (169.something) and from then on it sends DHCP
requests to  This make it hard to serve DHCP to
that machine... 

Dave, why do you need to run the relay and the server on the same
machine?  I'd think that the server running on the first station in
a pod would be the target of relays running on the other pods; it
shouldn't need to relay requests to itself... 


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