[Cu-wireless] antenna shootout

todd chatman criticalmass at mowabb.com
Mon May 6 20:28:41 CDT 2002

You all might be aware of this, or far beyond it, but here's a page 
comparing different types of homemade antennae.


Also, I'm considering getting a DSL line. If I eventually wanted to 
share my connection (say, with my neighbors, if not with your growing 
network) would I need a static IP address? Is there someone besides 
Ameritech I should look at for this? If it makes any difference, my 
house is at 304 W. Washington (about a block west of Race), so it's 
possible (though not likely, if line of sight is required) I might 
someday be able to hook into your Race St. corridor. Just a thought.



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