[Cu-wireless] MAC address spoofing

niteshad at whopper.de niteshad at whopper.de
Fri May 17 06:22:05 CDT 2002

Many broadband providers limit access by associating the MAC address of
your NIC with your specific cable modem (DSL, etc.)  I'm pretty sure that
Insight Broadband has implemented this now, as I can no longer seamlessly unplug
the Cat5 cable from my desktop, plug it into my laptop's NIC and connect to
the Internet.  
	Wireless gateways that support MAC address spoofing, such as the D-Link
DL-713P, allow you to set the MAC address of the WAN interface on the
gateway.  This allows you to seamlessly network your LAN, without the hassle of
updating the cable company's database of allowed MAC numbers.  

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