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Chase Phillips shepard at ameth.org
Thu Nov 7 10:22:00 CST 2002


I'll be at the meeting tonight shortly after 6, and I'll go in on pizza if
a consensus to order is reached as well.

Chase Phillips
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On Thu, 7 Nov 2002, David Young wrote:

> The meeting tonight is at 115 W. Main St., 2nd Floor, Urbana. 6pm.
> RSVP for pizza.
> I suggest this agenda:
> 1 Discuss the situation on the current network, first, and the myriad
> technical challenges, both solved and unsolved. Come up with new or
> better approaches.
> 2 Decide steps to strengthen and grow the network.  As a springboard
> for this discussion, I've drawn a map containing our existing three
> stations and four times or more prospective stations in a few "pockets"
> near downtown Urbana. I would like for us to add nodes to the map, take
> nodes away, and produce a flexible growth plan to build out to the nodes
> we think it is feasible and desirable to include.
> 3 Consider the network architecture and its software implementation,
> and the services we are not providing our subscribers yet (DNS, firewall,
> ...).
> 4 Brainstorm more apps for the wireless network, with an emphasis on
> apps unique to the wireless medium. Certain of our prospective funders
> will want to hear about apps specific to wireless.
> 5 Schedule a work day really soon (this weekend or next, or next
> Thursday night) to take an inventory of the parts we have, to upgrade
> radio firmware, to build and test nodes, and to give the software an
> indoor/outdoor "laboratory" test.
> 6 Come up with a plan for everyone to feel meaningfully involved
> in at least one of these areas: software design & development, node
> construction, research & education, outreach, or fundraising.
> Dave
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