[Cu-wireless] Faster 802.11b:

Peter Folk pfolk at gargtech.com
Tue Oct 15 23:45:14 CDT 2002

> That is probably the 22Mbps TI ACX-100. I read on the Web that it has
> poor noise immunity, throughput is not actually much greater than an
> 11Mbps card (if not less), and there are no open source drivers.

I have read reports that this is not the case.  In particular, several
reviews have seen roughly 2x speedup, and while the multipath immunity
of PCBB is not too hot the noise rejection is quite nice (about 3dB better
at 11mbps, and the same at 22mbps as CCK at 11mbps).  I can't vouch for
any of these claims, but I do have some hardware that people could use
in a test if they wanted to set one up.


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