[Cu-wireless] I would be interested in attending the next meeting.

niteshad at whopper.de niteshad at whopper.de
Tue Oct 22 05:40:22 CDT 2002

>I live on Willow Court in Urbana (Just behind Ned Kelly's >steakhouse). I 
>have some computer skills and some experience with wireless >networking 

Wow, I thought that I was the only wireless hacker who lived that far from
Urbana's urban core.  I'm in the Willow Springs complex just off Perkins
Rd.  Ned Kelley's is about a half mile away from me.

I've been thinking of various ways to connect the North Cunningham
corridor to downtown Urbana, where most of the CU-wireless net is sprouting up. 
We're going to need someplace permanent with quite a bit of height (a tower
would be great) probably a high-gain directional antenna.  It would be
relatively easy to network several of the apartment complexes around here, but
there are significantly tall trees blocking line of sight in several of the
parks between Perkins/Kerr roads and downtown.  <sigh> It's times like these
that I wish East Central Illinois had a bit more geoligical relief than it



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