[Cu-wireless] wireless to-do

David Young dyoung at ojctech.com
Mon Oct 28 01:55:49 CST 2002

Here is an outline of development tasks for the CU-Wireless software.
It is not in any particular order.
I.    Improve station boot image for embedded systems

      A. Pare down the station boot image

         1. Get rid of Python by re-writing all of the station bootstrap
            scripts in C or in Bourne shell

         2. Remove all but essential files. Produce a manifest of files
            in a "NetBSD Light."

      B. Add watchdog support

II.   Adopt standards---study and recommend to CU-Wireless an emerging
      IETF standards concerning address auto-configuration, e.g., Zeroconf

III.  Script important development and release tasks

      A. Increase automation of ISO image production, floppy image
         production, Soekris image production

      B. Repair and maintain the scripts that extract a development
         environment from the CD-ROM

      C. Produce a script to produce diffs and a new-files manifest
         by comparison against the stock NetBSD distribution. Produce a
         script to package the diffs and new files to produce a release
         suited to the user who will "just add NetBSD." Produce diffs
         for /etc, produce a new-files manifest for /etc and /var, and
         produce kernel source diffs

IV.   Install the sources into CVS

      A. Figure out what files compose the "sources." The diffs? Nah

      B. Install those files into CVS

      C. Possibly produce a private NetBSD branch

V.    Produce a bug tracker

VI.   Defend against out-of-disk conditions

      A. Turn off non-essential logs

      B. Rotate, delete, and zip logs aggressively. Possibly
         use the new kqueue support in NetBSD to monitor file sizes
VII.  Tunnel from stations which act as gateways to a server, so
      we can get "into" the wireless network in spite of NAT/firewalls
      at all of the gateways

VIII. For NetBSD, program a transmissions bit-rate selector which is
      smarter than Prism's.

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