[Cu-wireless] Re: mesh networks and local government

Peter Folk pfolk at gargtech.com
Thu Sep 12 07:18:52 CDT 2002

> From: David Young <dyoung at ojctech.com>
> I have been reading on the isp-wireless list that some city and county
> governments prohibit commercial access points from being installed
> on homes. The FCC's "OTARD" rules, which bar local governments from
> regulating radio equipment deployment, specifically exempt commercial
> access points.

Can you cite the OTARD passage that says this?  Last time I read it,
my interpretation was that access points for *roaming* service were
exempted (ie could be regulated) but that fixed-wireless APs are safe.

If that reading is still correct, Urbana (at least) does have such a
regulation against APs for roaming; that's why cell coverage is so bad.
The reason for it is not something civic-minded free-community-network-
advocating people generally protest: that cell towers are ugly and
damage the nice residential nature of, for example, Tree City USA =)


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