[Cu-wireless] 802.11 & multihop networks

Sascha Meinrath sascha at ucimc.org
Thu Apr 17 15:05:21 CDT 2003

On Thu, 17 Apr 2003, Illustrious niteshad wrote:

> I'm in.  I have a couple of ISA NICs and two or three CD-ROM drives in
> the 4x-8x range that are slotted for greater glory in some CU-wireless
> pod or another.
> Sascha, for those of us who do not know the exact location of the new
> Chateau Meinrath, could you please provide an address and/or directions?
> Where might we be able to park in your vicinity without inciting the ire
> of Urbana's Finest?

ummm... my address is 412 W. Illinois St. -- on the Northeast corner of
McCullough and Illinois in Urbana.  You should be able to park on the
street (I think).

> Perry, I still have that book that Seva wanted me to give to you.  It's
> in my car, so please remind me at the meeting.
> Oh yes, I almost forgot, a friend of mine whose into rock climbing
> suggested that climbing harnesses and climbing rope (available at
> Champaign Surplus) might be just as effective for rooftop safety as the
> linemen's harnesses, while costing much less.  What does everyone else
> think?
> BTW, are we planning on getting pizza for the first part of the meeting?

I hadn't planned on it, so eat before you arrive (it's a working meeting
so we want to lessen the distractions and stick to building the network).

See you all Sunday at 1 -- and send in an e-mail if you're planning to


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