[Cu-wireless] CU Wireless/OJC Partnering: PLEASE READ!

Sascha Meinrath sascha at ojctech.com
Mon Aug 4 16:54:45 CDT 2003

Hi all,

After months of negotiations, OJC Technologies is willing to come on board 
as a parter on the Community Wireless Project.  Here's what OJC is willing 
to give us to get things started:

1. WebEasel website design tool -- it's currently being sold to 
non-profits for $1700, but we can get it to spiffy up our website.
2. 10 Hours of Professional Website Design and Development -- which 
usually runs $750 for OJC clients.
3. Grant Proposal and Research Proposal Writing -- OJC will help with 
proposal writing to help support the Community Wireless Project.
4. Space at OJC for Wireless Development Laboratory -- we sort of already 
do this ad hoc, but this would formalize the agreement.
5. Development Machine -- which would allow many more folks to develop 
our software since we'd have a dedicated machine.
6. CVS Respository -- for development purposes.
7. BUGZILLA -- web-based software for tracking problem reports.
[the above two would be nice since we'd have OJC sysadmins taking care of 
setup and maintenance]
8. Phone Number -- so we could have a permanent contact number. 
9. Meeting Space -- again, formalizing the use of a resource we've been 
using on-and-off for awhile.

I think this partnership will help get us much more organized and will
greatly aid our system development and open up new resources for the
project.  In return, OJC is asking that we say that the Community Wireless
Project is being developed "in partnership with OJC Technologies" and that
OJC is "the development home of the CU Community Wireless Project." 

Unless folks who are working on this project have objections, I'd like to 
say "O.K." to this agreement.  So please post your thoughts, concerns, 
support, etc.  If there are no major concerns by the end of the week I'll 
let OJC know we're agreeing to the partnership.



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