[Cu-wireless] kernel problem (i think)

Madhur Nigam nigam at students.uiuc.edu
Fri Aug 29 14:15:49 CDT 2003

well the 24th aug build that i made with u in your office booted it twice
and now it doesnt boot it. neither does any other disk. but i have not
changed anything in the hardware to make it behave like that.

how do i boot from the floppy?


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> On Thu, Aug 28, 2003 at 08:24:30PM -0500, Madhur Nigam wrote:
> > btw i even used the 12th aug build and still PB stops at the same place.
> > this means that atleast our 24th aug build and 12th aug build behave
> > similarly
> Maybe I have misunderstood. Did the 12 August build once boot the
> Packard-Bell? Put another way, do you have any CD-ROM at all that still
> boots the Packard-Bell?
> If any CD-ROM used to boot the Packard-Bell which does not now, I don't
> think it's a software issue.
> Have you tried to boot from a floppy instead of the CD-ROM?  That could
> help rule out bitrot caused by faulty media or a touchy drive.
> Dave
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