members only posting feature (was Re: [Cu-wireless] Majordomo results: {Virus?} Onmouseout)

Sascha Meinrath sascha at
Thu Feb 13 08:46:33 CST 2003

FYI: given the recent increase in spam to our list and the requests from
several list members, i have enabled members only posting to cu-wireless.
this means that if you're subscribed under an alias or old account that
forwards to your current one, your posts will be held up for administrator
approval (you'll know if this happens because you'll get a e-mail notice).
i also upped the digest size before sending out, so one should usually
only get 1 e-mail a day if you've chosen this option.  finally, i've
lowered the max length in Kb of message body to 15K -- so keep that in
mind (i.e. if you're responding to a long e-mail thread, you may not want
to keep _all_ the previous messages in your reply).

hopefully this will cut down on the amount of spam we've been receiving of


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