members only posting feature (was Re: [Cu-wireless] Majordomo results: {Virus?} Onmouseout)

Illustrious niteshad niteshad at
Thu Feb 13 18:05:17 CST 2003

> i also upped the digest size before sending out, so one should usually
> only get 1 e-mail a day if you've chosen this option.  finally, i've
> lowered the max length in Kb of message body to 15K -- so keep that in
> mind (i.e. if you're responding to a long e-mail thread, you may not want
> to keep _all_ the previous messages in your reply).
> hopefully this will cut down on the amount of spam we've been receiving of
> late.

Thanks Sascha for taking care of the Spam.  While 15K is a generous limit, approxmately equivalent to 8 single spaced pages, I'm curious as to why you decided to lower it.  Wouldn't merely allowing only subscribed members to post take care of the spam problem?  Actually, now that I think about it, some of the longer posts such as Dave's motivations of the theoretical underpinnings of our network, might run up against the 15K cap.  Perhaps we shall all have to take Polonius's advice: "Brevity is the soul of wit."



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