members only posting feature (was Re: [Cu-wireless] Majordomo results: {Virus?} Onmouseout)

Sascha Meinrath sascha at
Thu Feb 13 18:13:13 CST 2003

> Thanks Sascha for taking care of the Spam.  While 15K is a generous
> limit, approxmately equivalent to 8 single spaced pages, I'm curious as
> to why you decided to lower it.  Wouldn't merely allowing only
> subscribed members to post take care of the spam problem?  Actually, now
> that I think about it, some of the longer posts such as Dave's
> motivations of the theoretical underpinnings of our network, might run
> up against the 15K cap.  Perhaps we shall all have to take Polonius's
> advice: "Brevity is the soul of wit."

i did this because there's a lot of spoofing going on -- from viruses,
from spammers, etc. and it's been a bother on other lists i admin. the
lowest i've seen is a 17k message, so i set the limit to be right under
that.  if folks want it changed back, that's fine, i just figured better
safe than sorry.


p.s. dave says that even his (lunatic) ravings tend to be under the 15k
mark...  i'm dubious, but that's what he says.

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