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January 15, 2003
Lufthansa and Cisco Put Wi-Fi in the Plane
By Eric Griffith

At last, the days of your laptop being nothing more than a method
of playing Minesweeper on airline flights may be coming to an end.

Deutsche Lufthansa AG is currently doing passenger trials of in-flight
Wi-Fi- and Ethernet-based access to the Internet. Partnered with
Boeing Company (Quote, Company Info) and Cisco Systems (Quote,
Company Info), the Lufthansa flight -- part of a project called
FlyNet -- will travel from Frankfurt, Germany to Washington D.C and
back for the next three months.

The plane in use is a Boeing 747-400 equipped with Connexion By
Boeing, a system for providing high-speed, real-time data services
via satellite.  The network from Cisco includes five Cisco Aironet
350 Access Points, a Cisco 3640 Router, and nine digital switches
for the hardwired Ethernet connections found in some seats in First
Class and Business Class. The wireless, obviously, reaches everyone
on the plane. The data throughput for users on the plan is about 3
Megabits per second (Mbps) downstream and 128Kbps for uploads.

The service is initially free to any one on the Germany to US
flights; Jonathan Hindle, strategic technology manager for the World
Wide Mobile Team at Cisco, says that this trial is, in part, about
finding out what people will pay for the service.  

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