[Cu-wireless] wireless on Lufthansa

Illustrious niteshad niteshad at linuxmail.org
Thu Jan 16 16:19:10 CST 2003

> January 15, 2003
> Lufthansa and Cisco Put Wi-Fi in the Plane
> By Eric Griffith
> At last, the days of your laptop being nothing more than a method
> of playing Minesweeper on airline flights may be coming to an end.

While airborne wi-fi is a good idea, it's certainly going to mean a much more disorganized home directory for me.  I used to use in-flight time to sort through the reams of assorted downloads, organizing them into directories.  Now if I fly Lufthansa, I'll just be downloading more junk .pdfs, source code and executables.  Oh well, so much for the idea of efficiency. ;)

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