[Cu-wireless] Node hardware recommendations

Kristjan Onu onu-cuw at 29.ca
Mon Jul 7 18:10:05 CDT 2003

A friend and I live about a block apart and are thinking of sharing an
Internet connection wirelessly. It looks as though we're a little too
far apart (by less than 200ft) to use a regular access point so I've
started to look at slightly more specialized hardware.

Since we're almost within reach of current CUW nodes (W. Elm, between
Coler and Busey), it seems like a good idea to get hardware that will
make it easy to join the CUW.

For the radio card, I'm leaning toward the SMC "long-range" model
(SMC2532W-B). Using it in a spare desktop computer will require a
PCMCIA to PCI adapter. Any suggestions for this (I haven't found the
$35 adapters David Young mentioned)? Information on antennas would
also be appreciated.


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