[Cu-wireless] Node hardware recommendations

Paul A. Kennedy pakenned at uiuc.edu
Tue Jul 8 07:20:55 CDT 2003

First off, a thanks to Dave for keeping such valuable advice at hand :)

>   About the PCI to PCMCIA adapter, here is the advice I had for
>   someone the other day, "The latest 802.11b radios and all the .11a/g
>   cards are Cardbus, so I suggest the Buffalo/Melco PCI->Cardbus
>   bridge, part number WLI-PCI-OP. It sells for about $30. See
>   <http://www.dealtime.com/xPC-Buffalo_Games_WLI_PCI_OP~FD-1725>."

I'm going to order one of these, but I've not got to it yet (it's
on my task list for this week).  If anyone would like to combine an
order in the next week and potentially reduce overall shipping costs,
please speak up.  Also note that I get this list in digest mode
(so I tend to get list traffic a little slower).

I've also put some effort into finding adapter cards that will take
more than one card, in case anyone is interested.  I'm compiling my
findings for the list.  Just a note of caution--the cost is much more
than  $30*2 for a two port card, so if you have available PCI slots,
then multiple cards may be the way to go.


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