[Cu-wireless] New station setup?

Michael R. Miller savage at imsa.edu
Thu Jun 26 17:33:35 CDT 2003

I'm interested in setting up as a station at my next residence this fall.  
I know that I can detect the cuw signal from my current residence at  
Green/McCullough via the wireless card on my laptop, but I don't know if 
my next house will be in range.  I'll be near the Leal Elementary school 
on California.

I have most of the networking knowledge that I'll need, especially with 
the NetBSD boot image, but I'm unfamiliar with the radio equipment used.  
What is the approximate cost of the equipment (minus computer, of course) 
required for setup?  I'm also willing to lend my time to helping at other 
sites, when possible.

Best Always,

Mike Miller

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