[Cu-wireless] wireless storage:

Sascha Meinrath sascha at ucimc.org
Wed Mar 12 14:39:26 CST 2003

An interesting concept -- a bit pricy yet, but certainly a step towards
wireless distributed storage.



Martian debuts wireless network storage drive

Martian Technology today announced the release of the Martian NetDrive
Wireless file serving device. The $400 device adds 40GB of file storage to
any network; it combines a 40GB hard drive with a small, silent, low-power
case and an 802.11b wireless network interface, making it :the world's
first wirelessly-connected network storage device. [It] allows users to
share music, digital photos, and other documents over a network without
the expense and noise of leaving a PC on at all times acting as a
fileserver." It also includes a 10/100Mbps Ethernet port which can be used
to attach the device to a wired ethernet network. Martian Technology also
offers the Martian NetDrive Basic ($380), a version of the device which
contains only the 10/100Mbps Ethernet port


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