[Cu-wireless] LOOK: New Community Wireless Network Website!!!

Illustrious niteshad niteshad at linuxmail.org
Sat Oct 4 16:10:00 CDT 2003

> > The new Community Wireless Network Website is up and looking great.  A
> > HUGE thank you goes out to OJC Technologies for donating both the graphics
> > development time as well as a copy of WebEasel to run the site.  Take a
> > look:
> >
> > http://wireless.ucimc.org
> >
> > Let me know if you see any problems, want to add any content (especially a
> > FAQ), etc.  I can update it as we like -- all feedback welcome.

The newest incarnation of the website is decidedly the best yet.  I like that we've finally moved away from imitating kuro5hin.org's color scheme.  However, quite a bit of the personal information regarding what individual people in the group are doing has been lost, along with our section of "CU-wireless in the Media," which I think makes us somewhat more accessible, as well as conveys a sense of the group's (admittedly short) history.  Then again, take this with a grain of salt, since I'm a history buff anyway.

Also, I'd personally like to see a space on the website where the geeks, hackers and techs of the group can post information regarding sub-projects members of the group are working on, like Dave Young's ammocan router, or some of the antenna test data which we've accumulated.


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