[CUWiN] "memory metal" actuation of adaptive antennae?

David Young dyoung at pobox.com
Mon Dec 13 14:24:20 CST 2004

Mitigating interference from other 2.4GHz operations is one of our major
preoccupations at C-U Wireless.  I keep trying to think of ways to do
it cheaply and automatically.

Somebody suggested to me that to add a null to our omni antennas, we can
suspend a thin metal reflector somewhere in the near field.  I wonder if
one could use a Nitinol actuator wire to simply and economically move
the reflector, thus rotating a null over an interference source under
computer control?  The devil's in the details, but maybe you can build
a poor man's adaptive antenna for the price of some Nitinol wire and a
bagful of components from Radio Shack and the hardware store.

Then again, $5 smart antenna chips may come to market before anybody
does tricks with Nitinol.


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