[CUWiN] Atheros Puts AP on Single Chip

Sascha Meinrath sascha at ucimc.org
Wed Dec 15 08:49:45 CST 2004

Here's an interesting piece of news!  Definitely good for us...  Anyone 
have thoughts/comments?


Subject : Atheros Puts AP on Single Chip
By Glenn Fleishman
Special to Wi-Fi Networking News
Permanently archived at <http://wifinetnews.com/archives/004577.html>

[1] Atheros will ship its sub-$13 chip in Q1 2005: The all-in-one chip 
includes everything a wireless access point manufacturer needs, making it 
easier to embed 802.11g into other products or produce even cheaper 
gateways that have a full range of features and performance. The chip 
includes Super G, a set that mixes proprietary and future 802.11e 
extensions to improve throughput; Atheros's distance-enhancing XR 
technology; and 802.11i with full AES encryption.

URLs referenced:
[1] <http://www.atheros.com/news/AR5006AP.html>

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