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Sun Feb 8 02:50:13 CST 2004

As you can imagine, such a project does not come to reality overnight.
Since the very first meeting of the CU-Wireless team in Fall 2001, we have
been reviewing the design, testing equipments and procedures, while making
sure we kept current with recent deployments in the applied and
theoretical aspects of the field. Being a volunteer-based project in a
community renowned for its University and high-tech industries, we have
had the support of experts in their respective fields, would it be
microwave physics, antennae design and deployment, system device
programming, network design and operations, routing protocols
environments, or system-level integration. This unique combination of
talents allows us today to offer a cross-platform, standard-based and
freely redistributable software solution, that itself relies on different
off-the-shelf, best-of-breed, low-cost platforms; we propose two complete
infrastructure reference designs that can easily be reproduced, one
oriented towards a desktop utilization, the other one relying on embedded

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PS: Sascha, I've more "serious" stuff coming. Just couldn't resist the
urge to laugh a bit.

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