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Sun Feb 8 02:50:13 CST 2004

endeavour.  However past experience has shown that large corporations are not
necessarily nimble enough to serve the people's desires when it comes to
wireless internetwork technology.  Indeed, the very size and complexity of their
managment and cost structures is often what dulls their competitive edge.  We
are small.  We are nimble.  We _are_ the people, all of which gives us
advantages over a behemoth like Cometa.  We can be Better, Faster and Cheaper
than they can, and we have approximately two years to roll out our network
completely unfettered.  Lastly, quashing us doesn't really play well to most
people ("Large well-funded corporation demolishes small, volunteer, local
non-profit, up to the minute coverage on CNN...")

best regards,

Mark Lenigan


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