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Sun Feb 8 02:50:13 CST 2004

poses some limit that is hidden or unjustified.  Volo, in particular,
does not impose any hidden limits so you know up-front what you're
getting into, we don't oversell our bandwidth, and we can justify all
our costs.  In addition, we charge in a way that makes the service
perform very well, but still be very cheap, for the vast majority
of users.

It's a pretty sweet deal if you can get neighbors to help pay for
your ISO downloads!  But you shouldn't think it's anything other than
that: for example, it only works well to split a $200 SDSL line
between you and your neighbors if you're the only one who downloads
ISOs/movies/etc.  And if you and your friends are splitting $200/mo,
you might get better performance from a Volo connection with 4.5GB/day
of daily bandwidth at the full data rate of the connection.

I should also point out that, while we---like PrairieInet and the
grassroots initiative---currently use mostly 802.11b, the topology
of our network is vastly different than both of the others, giving
it much more bandwidth now and headroom to grow as well.  We are
also aggressively deploying other technologies that are faster and
more robust than anything we have seen used in this area.

Stikin' up for my baby =)

p.s. HTML-only email?!?! Please, at least include a text version!

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