[Cu-wireless] Reminder -- MEETING THIS SATURDAY: Feb 21 at Noon at the CWN Office.

Sascha Meinrath sascha at ucimc.org
Thu Feb 19 09:44:32 CST 2004

Hi everyone,

Just to remind everyone, there will be a Community Wireless Network
meeting this Saturday Feb 21 at Noon at the CWN Office (Second Floor of
115 W. Main St. in downtown Urbana).  The meeting will start on time (so
plan to arrive a few minutes early) and last for one hour (though working
groups might wish to meet afterwards).

Here's the tentative agenda:

1. Introductions
2. OSI Grant Summary/Update & Funding Disbursement Overview
3. Press Conference Follow-ups
4. Guaging Participants Interests & Skills
5. Finding Programmers
6. Next Steps

See you Saturday,


P.S.  If you know you definitely _will_ be there (and have read this far),
could you drop a note to the list?

P.P.S.  Also how much interest is there in setting up an IRC chatroom?
To make this work, we'd need several folks who can't make it to the
face-to-face meeting to step forward, and someone who will be present at
the meeting to be an IRC liaison (e.g., interfacing between the online and
the face-to-face meeting), please let me know -- it would be nice to have
this if there is adequate interest.

Sascha Meinrath
Project Manager & President      *      Project Manager
Acorn Active Media Foundation   ***     Eggplant Active Media
www.acornactivemedia.com         *      www.eggplantmedia.com

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