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Bailey White baileyw at uga.edu
Wed Jun 2 14:45:36 CDT 2004

Dear Sascha Meinrath
I am leading a research team at the University of Georgia in Athens.  We
have a 24 block Wi Fi Cloud and focus on exploring how such technology
can benefit the lives of citizens.  We're particularly interested in
applications as opposed to capability and are interested in everything
going on in Champaign-Urbana.  
We've created a database of about 80 Wi Fi Zones and Clouds throughout
the United States through secondary research.  These Zones and Clouds
are not like T Mobile Hotspots; they are coordinated implementations of
several access points to provide Wi Fi to an area beyond a single retail
establishment.  The purpose of our study is to catalog the current
activity in the US and gain insight into successful applications of Wi
Fi Zones and Clouds.  
We'd like to learn more about your implementation in two ways:
1)       Validate our current understanding of your work via a web link
to your info in our database
2)       Ask that you participate in a brief online survey
In return we can provide you with results of our study.  I am happy to
answer any questions or in general share what we are doing in Athens. If
there is another person who is better suited to respond to our
questions, please let me know.  
Once I get your reply, I'll follow up with the first link early next
week for the study.  
Bailey White
Research Consultant
New Media Institute, UGA
http://www.nmi.uga.edu <http://www.nmi.uga.edu/> 
baileyw at uga.edu
404 975 4523
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