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Subject: Proxim, Intel Join Forces on WiMax

By Glenn Fleishman
Special to Wi-Fi Networking News
Permanently archived at <http://wifinetnews.com/archives/003904.html>

[1] Proxim and Intel will work together on WiMax, a boon to Proxim: The
smaller company's stock shot up 27 percent today on the news that it would
be participating in what Intel has increasingly focused on as the next
important wireless market. WiMax has the potential to offer point-to-point
and mobile standardized broadband wireless service, but its time to market
is still a concern.

If it doesn't achieve productization quicklly enough--and signs are that
we might not see unlicensed WiMax products in the US until 2006--existing
somewhat proprietary solutions could commoditize quickly enough for the
market. Meanwhile, higher-speed cell data offerings might take the sheen
off the necessity of mobile WiMax, although the latter's potential for
using unlicensed bands gives it an edge.

[2] SkyPilot's announcement today--after a few years of development--of
their broadband wireless system adds another player to a tightly focused
market that hopes to fill in the home and business broadband market. Their
equipment works in the unlicensed 5.8 GHz band.

Although the press release says that Proxim expects to ship fixed
broadband equipment in early 2005 and "portable" (not mobile) devices
later next year, it doesn't state whether these will be shipped in the US
or overseas, nor which bands will be used.

URLs referenced:
[1] <http://www.proxim.com/about/pressroom/pressrelease/pr2004-06-17.html>
[2] <http://www.skypilot.com/>

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