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Here's a grant for a small commmunity that doesn't already have broadband


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Forwarded on behalf of Wheat Wireless Services - please direct all
inquries to Grant Coordinator Michael Troutman, Wheat International
Communications, mtroutma at wheatintl.com, 703-262-9100:



Reston, Va., 23 June 2004 -- Wheat Wireless Services Inc., a provider of
long-range wireless broadband Internet access, today announced a new
application deadline for the Wireless Community Initiative Grant being
offered to one small community in the United States.  The new deadline is
set for July 16, 2004.  Through the grant, Wheat Wireless Services, Inc.
is offering $100,000 in wireless networking hardware and network
engineering services to one small community in the United States.

"We are pleased to use our cutting edge communications technologies to
assist in the technology advancement of cities and towns," said Forrest C.
Wheat, Sr., president and chief executive officer of Wheat Wireless
Services.  "We have had a very positive response to the grant, especially
recently and the extended deadline will allow interested parties
additional time to complete the application and pursue this opportunity."

The Wireless Community Initiative Grant may be used to set up wireless
initiatives such as providing Internet access within a public library,
setting up public or pay-per-use wireless hot spots, or adding Internet
services to emergency vehicles.

The community selected for this grant will have a resident population
between 7,500 and 25,000.  The target population must not currently have a
commercial broadband solution such as DSL or cable Internet and the town?s
geography should be one advantageous to wireless line-of-site networking,
such as a valley or flat community.

This grant is limited to small communities located within the continental
United States and is redeemable in network engineering services and Wheat
Wireless Services equipment for up to one year after the grant is awarded.

The grant application is available at www.wheatwireless.net or by
contacting the grant coordinator, Michael Troutman, at 703-262-9100 or via
e-mail at mtroutma at wheatintl.com.

Interested parties should submit their application to the following
address no later than July 16, 2004:

Wheat Wireless Services - Broadband Services Division
ATTN: Wireless Community Initiative Grant Committee
1890 Preston White Drive, Suite 300
Reston, VA 20191

Parties may also submit their application online at www.wheatwireless.net.
The Grant Committee will accept application documents in Adobe PDF and RTF

The winning applicant will be announced July 30, 2004.  Details will be
posted on the Wheat Wireless Website following the announcement.

About Wheat Wireless Services

Headquartered in Reston, Virginia and with offices in Honolulu, Hawaii,
San Diego, California and South Florida, Wheat Wireless Services, Inc. is
a wholly owned subsidiary of Wheat International Communications
Corporation (www.wheatintl.com).  Since 1987 Wheat International has
specialized in engineering and managing large, complex WAN and LAN based
networks.  Wheat Wireless Services provides commercial, recreational and
residential broadband Internet via satellite and wireless 802.11x (WiFi)

Grant Coordinator
Michael Troutman
Wheat International Communications
mtroutma at wheatintl.com

Media Contacts
Sean Lynch
Wheat International Communications
slynch at wheatintl.com

Josephine Guerrero
Coltrin & Associates
josephine_guerrero at coltrin.com
212-221-1616 ext.124

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