[CUWiN] National Summit for Community Wireless Networks -- August 20-22, 2004 -

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Sat Jun 26 09:31:13 CDT 2004


Have been wandering around in your voluminous writings.  Can see 
opportunities for collaboration in these areas with Jim Baller.

The CU-Wireless April 2004 Archive by author  
Free Press News : Broadband for the masses?  
Free Press News : Linking up a town  

Can also see value in the various public technology initiatives in Illinois 
(CTCNet Chicago, the PRAG effort, the new DCCA, etc.) coming together at your 
August summit.  It would be very helpful to develop parallel considerations of 
technology, access, utility and content.

Perhaps Barack Obama might be invited. Suspect he could be a significant 
advocate of these efforts in the future.

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