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Subject: [Wireless Planning] Denmark in September - Invitation and call for

dear all,

as some of you might know,
we finally succeeded in getting the support for

seminar and workshop
september 3 - 10, 2004
djursland, denmark

(great big thanks to OSI) -

1. so, this means: at this point, all trainers within our group
are asked to move all obstacles in their calendars out of the way!!! :)

we would love to welcome you at
what seems to become a top interesting seminar and workshop,
judging from the feedback and sign ons.

2. also,

i d ask for further suggestions
whom we should invite to the event -

we aim at

Wireless development activists, trainers and technicians

The term Activist here includes people from hands-on tech to media
evangelist ? wireless experience is highly welcome, dedication will be
Dedicated beginners without experience will be considered.

In general, coverage of travel costs will have to be limited to one
person per project, however the seminar and workshop will be open for
additional participants covering their own travel costs (e.g. through

3. lastly, and very important, (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

it means that we have an excellent opportunity in september to
review, test and complete our training material,

provided we have enough to start with!

so - and i am including myself as the first adressee here ;) -
let us make sure we have a good set of material soon!

this is all for now -

there will be a special event site soon -
i will keep the list posted.

please find blow the current short sum up text.

best to all,




... brings together wireless activists and free networkers from all
around the world

... brings together a world of skills and experience for open and free
knowledge exchange

... brings together different backgrounds from developed and developing

... showcases projects on the forefront of creative network development

for media, donor organisations and industry

... presents and reviews a set of wireless training materials, designed
for free use,

currently under development

in an initiative carried by a.o. APC, IDRC, OSI and the Tactical
Technology Collective


consists of

a weekend seminar with talks, presentations and peer review sessions
(sept 3-5)

followed by a week of

hands-on training and exchange in one of europe's biggest wireless
networks (sept 6-10)

technology focus areas will include:

low cost, free software based wireless infrastructure

mesh networking: mesh topologies, MobileMesh, OLSR, the CuWin platform

voice over (wireless) ip - internet telephony, SIP, the Asterisk server,

wireless networking and renewable energy

... and everything else that is relevant in wireless community


is embedded in the

freifunk.net summer convention 2004: fresh air - free networks

from the program:

Communication technologies and affordable quality Internet access are
not being brought to areas of market failures.

Experience and cultivate an antidote to the worldwide digital divide:

community-initiated networks for free communication and broadening
access to the Internet.

This year's freifunk.net summer convention aims to cultivate and support
community-initiated strategies for broadening access to the Internet's
information and communication resources worldwide. The convention
intends to:

      * Facilitate discussion and exchange of best practices on existing
        community-owned free networks

      * Establish common strategies, guidelines and tools for setting up
        an efficient, local free network

      * Initiate and foster the continued growth of this virulent
        community committed to the exchange of ideas and information.

The Djursland project is one of Europe's leading wireless community
networks, a volunteer-run organization that connects more than 2,000
people. While at Djursland, convention participants will get first-hand
knowledge of best practices for launching and maintaining a
community-wide network.


is organized by wire.less.dk

with kind support by The Open Society Institute

in cooperation with freifunk.net and DjurslandS.net

more information

please contact

sebastian buettrich, http://wire.less.dk/w4d

w4d at wire.less.dk

call for participation: july 1, 2004

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