[Cu-wireless] HSLS?

Jon Dugan jdugan at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Mon Mar 8 19:08:24 CST 2004

Joe (or anyone really),

  Do you have a link for that paper?  I can find a lot of references to it,
  but I can't seem to find the paper itself.

On Mon, Mar 08, 2004 at 05:25:22PM -0600, Joe Pickert wrote:
> Hi,
> Having just jumped on the bandwagon, I was reading the BBN paper on HSLS.
> A number of things struck me, but I most wonder about a couple of the
> assumptions in this algorithm with respect to its expected performance.
> A.5 (as network size increases, node generated traffic remains constant)
> and A.6 (all possible node destinations are equiprobable) do not seem to
> hold (even in the abstract) for the cuwireless topology, as I understand
> it anyway. Rather it seems that a relatively small subset of nodes (those
> with the broadband connections to the "outside") will see significant
> increases in traffic as the network topology size increases, and that
> traffic to and from these "gateway" nodes must be handled with the utmost
> overall efficiency, while the routing of the pedestrian traffic between
> the other nodes is much less crucial (maybe even totally unimportant in
> terms of bandwidth usage). This topology seems to argue for some variation
> of a gateway routing protocol (i.e., where gateways confer with each other
> to develop routing tables that equalize traffic and maximize bandwidth). I
> have just starting reading through the grant, so if this is addressed in
> there, I will eventually find it. Otherwise, can someone clarify?
> Thanks---
> Joe
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