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David Vice dcvice1967 at yahoo.com
Mon May 3 10:57:27 CDT 2004


I am interested in your project. I am a developer by
trade and my current "personal" project is developing
a wireless system to monitor the children in my
neighbor hood. 

I am talking with other parents in my neighborhood
about developing a system that will create an add-hoc
network of small wireless access point type devices
which will monitor 802.11 devices worn by the

I have found a company which makes small wifi tags
which would last 3 years on a single battery. Your
system seems like it could provide the basis for the
receivers which will detect the tag wifi signal an
notify the other nodes of the tag found. 

I had been looking at building a custom app on top of
something like JXTA (jxta.org) to provide a P2P type
system on top of the receivers. Although it would be
nice, triangulation would not be required. Only
knowing that each tag is in range of a know receiver
and alarming when a tag is not found by any receiver.

Each receiver would have a location associated with
it. Parents would be able to see the location of the
receiver closest to the children's tag(s).

I hope I explained this well enough. This could end up
being simply a add-on to your existing wireless
network. We also want to enable those parents without
Internet access to participate.

Do you sell the Soekris devices with your enclosures
and the Power-over-Ethernet included? If so, how much
are they?

Please respond with your comments.

David Vice

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