[Cu-wireless] Soekris

Bryan Cribbs bdcribbs at ojctech.com
Fri May 14 12:32:07 CDT 2004


The CF images of our software haven't been posted publicly yet,
but they will be soon.  Watch this list for an announcement of
when they are up.

What os will you be using to do this?

If it is a unix, and you have a CF reader, simply use dd to write
the image to the raw disk.  In my environment this looks like this:

	dd if=imagefile.img of=/dev/rwd0d bs=8k

If you don't have a CF reader, it's more complicated because you 
have to PXE boot soekris and use it to flash the CF card.

Let me know the specifics of you're situation and I can go 
into more detail if needed.


* Thomas Johnson <tjohnson at patriotmaterials.com> :
> Hi.  I am new to this list, and have a question.  I have a soekris net4511
> and was wondering how I load the os onto the compact flash drive.  I am using
> a Sandisk.
> Thank you,
> Tom Johnson
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