[CUWiN] the future... ?

Ian White ian.white at datamile-computers.com
Tue Oct 5 05:08:25 CDT 2004


Can you tell me where CUWiN is heading ? The frontpage is out of date by a
couple of months, and the technical docs appear to imply a year's worth of work

I'm coming from the the direction of MeshAp (ADOV) and Locustworld, but have
concerns about the open-sourceness of that project.

I'm looking for the kind of functions that LW offer but with a true open-source
project with people able to take the project forward.

I see that the software is pretty open, and I'm not sure how the routing etc
works, but I'm looking for

1) Cheap PC solutions, capable of having repeater and multi-gateway meshes
2) Login Security - Nocat appear pretty standard, and I've got no issues with
hacking it
3) Network security ? IPsec between nodes, and new nodes requiring a 'mesh' cert
to be able to join the mesh, and stop rogue nodes.
4) VPN support. Many clients are using VPN to connect to their office networks.



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